Amazing Acres
Goat Dairy

Happy Goats,
Amazing Cheese.

Amazing Acres Goat Dairy, located in northern Chester County, PA has been owned and operated by Lynne and Will Reid since 2011. We create high-quality, award winning cheeses from fresh goat’s milk produced by animals who are happy, healthy, humanely raised and well-loved. Our fresh chevres and bloomy rind cheeses can be purchased at local farmer’s markets and select specialty stores. We seek to educate the community about small farms, sustainable farming practices, locally produced food, goats and goat’s milk cheeses.


The Team!

Will makes the cheese and Lynne milks the goats, but these girls are the real MVPs of our operation!



From mild to robust, from sweet to savory, there's something for everyone!


Find Our Products!

Our products can be purchased at many farmers' markets and small specialty shops in Southeast PA.



Love our cheese but don't know how to serve it? These recipes will give you some inspiration!