Meet the Team

Our Staff of Overachievers!

Our goats are cherished members of our family and treated with the love and respect all living creatures deserve. They are free to roam their pastures or loaf around in the barn at their pleasure. We allow the babies to remain with their mothers for at least three months. Though this reduces our supply of milk for cheese making, we believe that this practice produces healthier kids and happier mothers and reduces stress on both.


Conamara (a.k.a. Connie)

Connie is the OG of our herd (original goat), and is surrounded by loving children and grandchildren. She officially retired from the dairy business several years ago, but still has a hand in keeping the farm running smoothly.


Hermie was our very first born and is named in honor of Will’s mother. Nine years old and counting, Miss Hermie has the most amazing work ethic. She has never called in sick a day in her career and is a very productive employee. And ladies, take note: a little facial hair can be a beautiful thing!



Twin sister to Hermie, this fine lady is the whole package. In addition to her successful modeling career, Myrtle has degrees in philosophy and physics AND is one of our best milk producers. What’s next, Myrtle? “I’ve always wanted to travel, maybe graze the Serengeti or climb Mount Everest.” If anyone can do it, it’s you, Myrtle!

Fawn & Bunny

There is nothing stronger than the bond between sisters – even more so when those sisters are twins. Fawn and Bunny thoroughly enjoy one another’s company. They share cuddles, meals, even boyfriends! (Don’t worry, it’s totally normal and acceptable in the goat world.)



Gwen excels at many things, but possibly her greatest talent is her ability to lounge. Just look at that form…the graceful stretch of the foreleg, the zen-like tilt of her head, and ears floating in the air like cumulus clouds transporting her into a state of tranquility. Don’t strain yourself, Miss Gwen.


Twin brother to Gwen, Greg is one of our precious wethers (castrated males) and plays the part of the very patient and nurturing uncle to every group of kids that comes through our barnyard. Babies climb and frolic on Greg’s back and he doesn’t bat an eye. In fact, were certain he enjoys it. We adore you, Uncle Greg!


Princess Buttercup &
Penelope Goodfeather

Hermie’s first babies were this beautiful pair. Twin sisters Buttercup and Penelope are nearly inseparable and always up to something. Their favorite prank is to swap collars so we get them mixed up. They fool us every time!


Cricket is an unapologetic tomboy. She loves the outdoors and can honestly say she hasn’t worn a dress a day in her life. When she grew bored of climbing hay bales and roughhousing with the boys, she took it upon herself to start the world’s only (as far as we know) all-goat intramural volleyball league. You go, girl!



Our lovely Ping is about as sweet as they come. Gentle, mild-mannered, courteous and very clever. That face you see is her “no, I haven’t been feed yet” look. She totally had dinner already. Better feed her again just to be sure. You win again, Ping!

Cora, Carol & Christa

Cora is a stickler for tradition and insists on an annual family portrait with her daughters, Carol and Christa. She usually goes all out with matching outfits and dramatic studio lighting, but this year opted for a simpler “rustic barn” backdrop. We think it came out real nice, Cora.



Olivia is our resident botanist and a whiz at identifying poison ivy on our forest walks. “It has a mild fruity flavor,” she explains, “with a pleasant floral finish.” Here she is out in the field collecting some samples to take back to the lab. “The lab is my tummy!” Carry on, Miss Olivia. We would never question your scientific method.